How to Use VISI Listen

Open the App

ECHO has two iPads connected to the soundboard for you to adjust your mix on stage. More often than not these iPads will be on the homescreen, so you’ll have to open the VISI Listen app.


Select the Soundboard

Go to devices (on the left) and the screen below should appear. If you see the Si Performer listed, select it to connect to the soundboard.

Find your Pack

Go to Bus Select (on the left), and scroll until you find the mix that matches the number on your in-ear pack. Select it to open the mix.

Adjust your Mix

MAKE SURE YOU’RE ON YOUR MIX. Don’t start adjusting until you’re sure the mix is your pack number. If it’s not, you can use the “back” button in the upper left to navigate back. Use the faders to adjust the volume levels for each channel in your ears…remember you have a master volume on the pack too! If you have any questions about this screen or the audio channels talk to whoever is running sound that weekend.

If the SoundBoard doesn't show up in Devices

Check the WiFi Connection

Go back to the homescreen and open System Preferences (the gear). Go to WiFi and make sure the iPad is connected to the “linksys” network and not “Victory Public WiFi”.

Restart VISI Listen

Sometimes you may just have to close out of the app entirely and open it back up. You can also try hitting the small refresh button in the upper right of the app. If the problem persists, take it to the worship leader or sound guy.